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Empowering productivity and education through a gamified approach.

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" I like how you turned learning into a fun journey. "

" This platform has reignited my daily motivation. "

" Micro-learning fits perfectly into my busy life.. "

" This is like gaming for intelligent people. "

" Looking forward to more advanced topics. "

Science-backed Approach

Unlock your true potential with our state-of-the-art personal growth platform. From intelligent task management to micro-learning, we have everything you need to make your dreams come true.

Personal Improvement is free, fun, and easy

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Gamify your dreams.
Feel inspired.

Start your journey by following our pre-defined paths.

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Track your goals, execute, and enjoy.

Achieve more

Learn while walking, commuting or in your spare time. Replace mindless scrolling with micro-learning.


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Please note that our capacities are full at the time being. Feel free to fill out the form to join a waitlist for the next cycle which should happen soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions. Have some more? Feel free to contact us on any communication channel.

When is the expected launch date?

Our initial plan for launching the platform is Q4 2024. However, you can still get the exclusive access!

How do I get help with the platform?

Feel free to reach out to any of available channels. We are here to help anytime.

How does Neopaths's pricing work?

We have not set our pricing yet, but we will have "One plan for all" subscription.

How secure is Neoapths?

Protecting the data you trust to Neoapths is our first priority. We are utiliazing the latest technologies and protocols to protect your data.

Will you regularly give updates of Neoapths?

Yes, we will update the Neoapths platform regularly. All the future updates would be available without any cost.

Will you have solutions and plans for businesses?

Yes, as we are progressing we will focus on developing the business side of the platform with a custom pricing plans.